This page specifies terms and conditions of services offered by our sports association. Partecipants must read and accept this policy at time of booking.


Our organization is an emanation of the sportive association ASD Sportclub EtnaSci. All participants at our excursions are registered by office to the association simultaneously to payment of the membership fee to the excursion. The associative fee for adult participant is established in 10 euro and it is included into participation quotas to our activities. The fees, as per statute, administration's costs and organizations's costs not included, are utilised to foresee the aims specified into our statute (improvement and expansion of the association, promotion initiatives, environmental education and land conservation, etc.).  


Our association is covered by an insurance CL (Civil Liability) of UNIPOL SAI, during all activities conducted by our staff. Are not included from coverage the services and activities conducted by third parts and not directly from staff of our association, also if proposed inside this web site. Are moreover not included from coverage eventual damages caused from associated for actions which differs from this regulation and for non-compliance with the guides notes. 


Our activity are conducted only under booking. The payment of associative fee (10 euro) such deposit to stop the reservation is optional, but recommended. Infact, the payment of associative fee is required to take advantage of the promotional quotes offered on the site, it also guarantees the availability of the required seats, the complete fulfillment of the ordered services (for example, itinerary in jeep) and all that confirmed by the secretariat during booking, except for reasons of  major force. Users acknowledge that bookings without security deposit may, however, be subject to change without notice than to what was previously indicated for bookings with deposit. It is also understood that bookings with caution deposit prevail over the others. The balance of the excursion is made on the day of the excursion. A mandatory deposit amount may be required for groups or for tours that include services provided by third parties (for example restaurants, tickets, etc.). 


The prices indicated on website are referred per person and they include the membership fee (€ 10) and the services included in the tour descriptions. The association offer to our members a transport service, free from our meeting point or in case of require a shuttle service from your hotel for whom a flat-rate compensation is calculated. The transport is exclusively functional for the tours of our association and there are no other types of transfer that are not related to our recreational activities.  


The participants to activities must respect the indication furnished by tour leader during the excursion and never leave the group without authorization. At adhesion time to sports activities proposed from us assume the knowledge of explicit informations into website, between whom the difficulty level of the excursion and recommended equipment. Who has particular exigences or physical patologies of wherever nature must communicate it to tour leader before the start of tour. The Association will not be held liable for any damage resulting from the non-observance of these elementary common sense rules.


The tour leader could decide, if will be adverse meteological condition, volcanic dangers or where ever other reasonable reason, to change or delete the excursion or tour booked. Changes wanted by one or more participants will be evaluated from tour leader and if that one will have additional charges, will remain on charge of the applicant/s. 


It is possible to cancel the booking within 5 days of the date of conduction of activity, the deadline within which we will reimburse the caution fees. Over that period the caution fees paid are retained. In case of bad weather or major force so as not to make possible to carry out the booked activity, the caution fees will be refunded. In case of cancellation or waiver of participation by the users beyond these terms no refund is provided. You authorize us for the publication of photographic material, acquired during the activities, on our social media channels for promotional purposes.