Normally the summit craters of the volcano Etna can be visited. This is unless there are limitations due to volcanic risk.

Is it possible to visit the summit craters of Etna? With guide or without guide?

How to visit the summit craters of Etna

The period for trekking excursions is from May to November, while with the snow it becomes a mountaineering experience reserved for the most experienced, better with skis. This excursion should be carried out with expert guides (mandatory since 2013) that we recommend to book in advance as there are often limited availability. To know: the ascent to the summit craters is an average demanding excursion suitable only for good walkers with adequate equipment, hiking shoes and layered clothing, taking into account that at the top temperatures are often close to zero even in summer.

See if it is possible to visit the summit craters of Etna in this period with our Volcanic monitoring – Tourist use –

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