Grotta del Gelo is a volcanic cave formed in the eruption of 1614-1624 located on the north side of the volcano at an altitude of 2000. Its name derives from the fact that inside it is possible to find perennial fossil ice, a characteristic that makes it the glacier further south in Europe. It is indescribable the amazement and contrast that this place manages to offer visitors, especially when the heat of the summer months rages. In March 1981, this wonderful cave risked disappearing due to the eruption that gushed a few meters away from the cave and arrived near Randazzo.

HIKING NOTES: The Grotta del Gelo can only be reached by trekking with at least 5/6 hours of walking. Our association organizes the visit of the cave with the Etna Trekking Full Day excursion, dedicated only to good hikers.

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