Etna is very rich in volcanic caves also called Lava Tube (lava tubes), which were formed during the lava flows due to the thickening of the lava as a consequence of the cooling of the outermost layer of the eruptive flow. The length of these cavities is very variable, from a few tens of meters to over a kilometer.

Many of these caves, with horizontal extension, can be visited easily. Visiting a cave, in addition to the charm of being able to descend into the “underworld” of the volcano, it is possible to understand some really interesting dynamics and volcanic aspects. Among the best known caves of Etna we find the Grotta del Gelo, the Grotta dei Lamponi, La Grotta dei Three levels, the Cassone Cave and the Snow Cave, but there are over 250.

HIKING NOTES: During most of our excursion a visit to a cave of volcanic origin is foreseen, in total safety, with the use of helmets and speleologist lights.

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