Volcanic monitoring – Tourist use

Update of 15 june 2022

At the moment Etna is in a quiet phase and there are no active eruptions.  altitudes.

Further information on the website of the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology: www.ct.ingv.it

TOURIST FRUITION – All our excursions, with the exception of the tours to the summit craters (see below) and Etna 3000, are active.

FRUITION OF SUMMIT CRATERS – The summit craters are currently off-limits to the public, even accompanied by authorized guides, for safety reasons related to the volcanic activity mentioned above (ordinances available on the site of the Etna park and / or territorially competent municipalities). The maximum altitude that can be reached is currently 2700 meters (Loc. Ex Torre del Filosofo, at the base of the summit craters). Our tours to the summit craters are currently suspended as the violation of these provisions is a criminal offense and the coverage of the insurance policies expires.
For those wishing to climb as high as possible in compliance with the provisions in force, we recommend the Etna 3000 tours (more touristic) and the High Altitude trek (for good walkers).

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