This page lists the terms and conditions of the services offered by our organization. Participants expressly accept the contents at the time of booking.


Our organization is an emanation of the ASD Sportclub EtnaSci amateur sports association. The rates advertised on the site include the membership fee for the association as a supporting member (€ 10). These fees are used to reimburse the costs of the activities and in part in order to pursue the objectives specified in our statute: improvement and expansion of the association, promotional initiatives, environmental education and protection of the territory, etc.


Our association is covered by RC insurance (Professional Civil Liability) of UNIPOL SAI. The RC policy is a protection for participants in the event of accidents caused, or that direct responsibility can be determined by the staff of our organization.
Therefore, the following are EXCLUDED from coverage:
a) any accidents or damages that occurred to the participants in the normal course of the excursion (e.g. an accident following a fall on rough volcanic terrain …);
b) the services and activities carried out by third parties and not directly by the staff of our association, even if booked through this website (restaurant services; accidents occurring on the means of transport in which a ticket such as the cable car is required; excursions with the quad; etc …)
c) damages caused by the associates for actions different from this regulation and for the failure to respect the indications of the guides.


Our activities take place exclusively on reservation. To take advantage of the promotional quotas and offers advertised on the site, advance payment is required through the site’s online booking. The advance payment also guarantees the availability of the requested seats, the complete completion of the services ordered as per the program except in cases of force majeure not dependent on the organization. Users acknowledge that conversely, reservations without advance payment will require payment of the full amount advertised on the site at the time of the excursion and therefore that the same rates may be subject to change, without notice for normal variations of the offers. Reservations made in advance take precedence over others. For business or AdV / TO customers it is possible to agree a mandatory deposit for large groups or for tours that include services provided by third parties (e.g. restaurants, tickets, etc.).


The fees indicated on the site include, where expressly indicated and in any case in most activities, the movement from our meeting points. The association offers its members a transport service from their accommodation which is calculated on the basis of a flat-rate mileage refund. The transport is functional exclusively to the performance of the activities of our association and no other types of transfer are made that are not connected to our recreational activities. The rates on the optional transport service from the accommodation are shown in the online booking.


Participants in the activities must comply with the rules laid down in this regulation and any indication provided by their respective companions during the excursions, therefore never leave the group without express authorization. Our site provides the appropriate information on the technical level, required equipment and difficulty of the individual tours. The user is required to take note of these indications and inform all the members of his party. Those who have particular needs or pathologies of any nature are required to notify the guide before the start of the tour. The association will not be held responsible for any damage resulting from failure to observe these elementary common sense rules.


The proposed recreational activities take place in natural, mainly mountainous environments, where the risks of accidents cannot be completely eliminated.
Some examples: irregularities on the ground; contact with wildlife or stinging or toxic vegetation; detachment of rocks; volcanic explosions and eruptions; fall of lava ash and pyroclastic material; soil instability in epigean and hypogean environments; Any other danger or risk not dependent on the organization.
The safe mountain does not exist!
The risks can only be mitigated by responsible behavior, therefore by the experience, competence, prudence of the companions. Our organization relies exclusively on highly trained and qualified personnel.
Participants acknowledge and agree that the organization cannot be held responsible for accidents related to the dangers and imponderable risks related to the nature of the environment in which it moves as specified in this paragraph.


In the event of adverse weather conditions, volcanic hazards and for any other reasonable reason, the accompanying person may decide to vary, move or cancel the agreed excursion or tour entirely. In this case you will be entitled to a refund of the tour as long as the tour is not already started and carried out for at least 1/3. Any requests for changes on the chosen tour program made by one or more participants will be evaluated by the accompanying person and if these involve additional expenses, they will remain the responsibility of the applicant (s). Users are required to respect the times indicated on the site in particular on the meeting time, as well as to respect the duration of the tour.

In the event of significant delay of the participants, the tour will end at the scheduled time and the organization reserves the right to shorten the planned itinerary accordingly. In the event that the delay entails the reduction of the planned itinerary and the user wishes to remodel the itinerary, the organization reserves the right to request an extra payment to be agreed on site.


CHANGES – In the event that participants are unable to participate in the tour on the chosen day, a (non-personal, therefore transferable) voucher will be issued to be used within 1 year of issue. The communication of cancellation of the reservation in order to take advantage of the issue of the voucher MUST however take place at least 48 hours before the tour (72 hours in August and on holidays).

REFUNDS – The organization reimburses only for reasons of force majeure (weather alert, volcanic alert, etc.) such as not to make it possible to carry out the activities booked or for reasons dependent on our organization (eg breakage of a means of transport transport, etc). The cancellation due to subjective evaluations of the weather by the participants, (e.g. Summer storms …) does not give the right to a refund. In the event that the payment of the shares is made by bank transfer, bank charges will be deducted from the refund (€ 3).

For last minute cancellations or non-presentation of participants at the meeting point and at the agreed time (only what is indicated in the booking ticket received by email upon confirmation) there is NO refund, for any reason, as the reserved seats will not be able to be resold.

In the event of no-shows, considerable delays, booking errors on the day or type of tour, renunciation of participation by users within 48 hours of the tour departure time, there is no refund or issue of vouchers.

DELAYS – Participants are required to arrive at the scheduled time in the schedule of the tour requested and sent by e-mail at the time of booking confirmation. In respect of other participants, the guide is therefore not required to wait for any latecomers more than 15 minutes with respect to the scheduled time and you will lose the right to participate in the tour and any refund.

In order not to lose the right to participate, a last minute option can be requested from the secretariat, the option of a private formula for the guide and vehicle, if available, at an extra cost of € 100 (per vehicle) by reshaping the departure time.

Exclusively in the case of tours previously booked in a private formula, the guide can wait for the participants for a maximum of 60 minutes compared to the scheduled time, but will end the tour at the scheduled return time.


Participants authorize the processing of personal data sent on the basis of art. 13 of Legislative Decree 196/2003 and art. 13 GDPR 679/16. The acquired data will be processed exclusively for the purpose of carrying out recreational activities and will NOT be transferred to third parties for commercial purposes. Finally, consent is given to the publication of photographic material, acquired during the activities, on our social channels for promotional purposes. Anyone who does not want to consent to the publication of their images, MUST give prior notice to the guide or organization.

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