Etna 3000 excursion proposed by us is an integration to the basic tourist service offered by the Etna cableway that allows you to easily ascend from 2000 meters to the base of the summit craters of the Etna volcano. This usually includes a tour of about 2 hours in total, including the ascent with cable car and jeep up to an altitude of 2900 meters in the Torre del Filosofo refuge (now covered by recent lava flows) and here a walk of about 25 minutes with the assistance of the alpine guides, mandatory for security reasons. Our tour lasts a total of 5 hours and offers several additional services. The main plus is the reserved naturalistic guide to our guests already from the meeting point, which will offer many more explanations during the course of the excursion. EtnaExcursion also includes a visit to a volcanic cave  with lights and speleologist helmets (stage NOT included in the standard cable car ticket). Etna 3000 is a tour suitable for everyone (excluding heart patients and babies due to the altitude). For those who love walking, however, we recommend taking into consideration the High Altitude Trek excursion , a similar landscape itinerary.
NOTE: Due to sudden changes in the volcanic risk on Etna and consequent prohibitions or even to the variability of weather conditions, the tour may undergo unpredictable and independent changes from our organization.


Tour Program


    From our meeting point (or from your hotel) the guide will begin to illustrate the peculiarities of the Etna area. Along the roads that ascend to the volcano there are already many points of interest, from the lava flows to the "dagale", to the vegetation that has managed to adapt to particular environmental conditions. In about 30/50 minutes you will reach the famous Rif. Sapienza at an altitude of 1950 where you will leave our vehicle and continue with the Etna cableway.


    The first part of the ascent - from 1950 to 2510 meters - will therefore take place with the cable car. A pioneering ski lift project that has challenged the volcano since 1955. 5 times this tourist facility has been devoured by lava. The panorama of the Gulf of Catania and the slopes of the southern slope with recent and ancient tongues of lava will stand out higher and higher.


    From the Etna cableway station, where there is also the possibility of a short stop at the bathroom or for a coffee, we will board the special UNIMOG vehicles, unstoppable off-road vehicles with 28/30 seats. We will then cross the Piano del Lago, so called because of the presence in the past of a seasonal lake that was formed due to the melting of the snow. After the 2001 eruption it no longer exists and has been covered by a volcanic cone (the cone of the pond) about 80 meters high. In about 15 minutes you will reach the base of the summit craters in the area called Torre del Filosofo (about 2900 meters)


    Once at the former Torre del Filosofo (the refuge was submerged by lava in 2013!), A non-demanding walk will take place on the edge of the side craters that were the protagonists of the 2002 eruption (excursion suitable for everyone, not recommended due to the altitude only to newborns and heart patients). From these altitudes it will be possible to admire the panorama that sweeps from the nearby summit craters, located a few hundred meters in front of us, up to the Ionian Sea, Calabria and on clear days a good part of Sicily.


    Returning to the parking lot, the tour will continue with our guide for an interesting visit in a lava flow cave, adequately equipped with helmet and front light. Etna is very rich in volcanic caves, over 250 known ones, which were formed due to the thickening of the lava due to the solidification of the outer layer of the eruptive flow in contact with the air. Once the cooling is complete, the extraordinary morphologies connected to the passage of the fluid and incandescent lava remain visible: remelting stalactites, bubbles, shelves, rolls and more.



  • PeriodApr / Nov
  • Type4×4 Jeep tour
  • Departure CityTrecastagni
  • Timing8,45 - 13.30 (Dmeeting point)
  • DifficultyAverage. Suitable for healthy people
  • AltitudeUp to 2900 Mt.
  • Durations 5 hours
  • LanguagesEnglish, French, Italian, Spanish


  • Adult fee : 120 € / person.
  • Promo 3+ adults:  € 105 / person
  • Children 5/12 years: € 85
  • Baby 2/4 years: € 15
  • Cable car ticket + jeep unimog: 65 € included!

Tour Includes

  • Cave visit equipment
  • Nature Hiking Guide – Local Expert
  • Ticket Etna cableway or Jeep up to high quote
  • Transfer from our meeting point

Meeting Point

Piazza Sant'Alfio, Trecastagni (Catania, Etna Sud) - Chalet Info Point Tourism.

General FAQs

  • What should i bring?

    Trekking shoes are recommended for this excursion. Also recommended: poles, sunglasses, windproof jacket / sweatshirt, water. If you need it, you can take advantage of our rental where you will find shoes, jackets, sticks and more.

  • What can i rent?

    At our meeting point in Trecastagni, you can rent trekking shoes, insulating jackets, trekking poles and request seats for children up to 3 years. You can book the equipment in the online booking form.

  • In case of bad wheather?

    It depends. If the conditions are not prohibitive, i.e. it is cloudy or raining but there is a fair visibility, usually the tours are carried out without any difficulty. In any case, the guide carries out an evaluation based on his experience and if the conditions are not met, he can decide to move or cancel the excursion in agreement with our guests. In case of cancellation due to bad weather, decided between the parties, the reimbursement of any advance membership fees paid is made.

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  • Tour without surprises, all inclusive!
  • Cable car ticket + jeep unimog: 67 € included!
  • NB: no further promotions apply on this tour as the listing includes third party tickets. 
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