Etna Hiking Hd (Half Day) includes itineraries with walking on undemanding paths, within about 10 km of walking (3/4 hours). This excursion is suitable for those who are in good health and used to walking. Our guides will accompany you to discover the less touristic places and the most fascinating glimpses of the UNESCO World Heritage volcano. You will discover that Etna is not just lava and eruptions. Nature on Europe’s largest active volcano has created real wonders. One of the most unique aspects are the great contrasts that are created in the passage from places hit by the eruptions to soils that have had time to regrow the vegetation. These facets can only be fully grasped by walking slowly in contact with nature. It will be a gratification for your senses: the view, with the great views. The sense of smell, with the scents of the woods and endemic plants. Hearing, with the sound of footsteps or roars, if the volcano erupts. These are just some of the emotions that can be enjoyed with trekking on Etna.

At the end of the tour there will be a tasting of typical sweet and savory Etna products at the Gusteria dell’Etna in MontataGrande. In the same family campaign, you can book a frugal lunch stop to live an experience of taste, smells and colors of the countryside. Add to your reservation the Farmer’s Menu, a rich taste of typical specialties or a Wine Experience for those who want to taste, in addition to food, a selection of Etna wines.

A perfect complement to end your visit to Mount Etna!

Note: by purchasing one of the food or wine menus offered, the covered service (€ 2) is included or book only the table and you will choose what to eat on the spot.

Tour Program

  • TRAIL 1 | Etna E. - La Valle del Bove

    The most recommended route in case of good weather conditions is to reach the Valle del Bove, a spectacular and gigantic depression of several kilometers in which most of the Etna eruptions converge, from which it will be possible to enjoy the panorama of the summit craters from a privileged position and in case of eruptions it is often possible to admire volcanic activity. Depending on the preparation of the participants, the guide will decide the difficulty and length of the route. Main itineraries: Back of the Donkey (7 km A / R) or Serracozzo (9 km A / R). With winter snow or with any dog in tow, the itinerary will be carried out in Val Calanna (lower Bove valley).

  • TRAIL 2 | Etna N. - Bottoniera 2002 & Rift NE

    The Ne Etna side is characterized by a landscape rich in lateral craters, including the eruptive vents of 2002 which devastated the ski resort of Piano Provenzana and many other fractures whose lava reached the Etna villages of the same side. You will be struck by the alternation of dense pine and beech woods with black and barren lava fields. The route is of medium difficulty and for the more trained it may involve passing through a volcanic cave.

  • TRAIL 3 | Etna O. - The wildest side

    The west side of the volcano has remained the wildest side since it is further away from the Etna tourist centers, but this is not the least fascinating, on the contrary ... For lovers of trekking in nature it will be a very interesting experience to follow paths that will lead you within a dense vegetation, ancient and recent lava flows and on the edge of lateral craters that will allow a breathtaking, wide-ranging view of the Simeto valley, the Sicilian hinterland and the town of Bronte. Yes, he is, the territory of the Pistachio that grows on the roughness of the lava.

  • TRAIL 4 | Etna SO - Pista Altomontana e refuges

    The itinerary follows the first stretch of the Etna high mountain track, a forest path that goes around the volcano for 3/4. Despite the beauty of the places and the wide panoramas that the route offers, it is not very popular for tourists except by trekkers and mostly by cyclists. Based on the preparation of the participants, the guide will be able to close some more or less wide rings to visit some of the volcano's most interesting volcanic caves, reachable with old mule tracks built on lava stone.

  • TRAIL 5 | ETNA S. - Crossing new & old craters

    The south side hosts the famous tourist resort of Rifugio Sapienza and the Etna cableway, but not only. The area is also interesting for the volcanic landscape or also called "lunar". Craters, expanses of sand and volcanic rock will not disappoint the eyes of hikers, especially in summer it will be possible to admire the blooms of the Etna endemic flora that turns from the white of the chickweed, to the pink of soapstone and to the yellow of the senecio and the tansy. In case of snow we will move further downstream to visit practicable areas such as the forest ring of the mouths of 1886. These itineraries are suitable for ev. presence of 4-legged friends.



  • PeriodAll year
  • TypeAll experiences
  • Departure CityTrecastagni
  • Timing8,30 - 13.30 (From meeting point MontataGrande)
  • DifficultyAverage. Suitable for healthy people
  • AltitudeDa 500 a 2000 Mt. A.S.L.
  • Durations 5 hours
  • LanguagesEnglish, French, Italian, Spanish


  • Adult fee: 70 € / person.
  • Book online: 55 € / person.
  • Children 6/13 years old: € 35
  • Formula exclusive (Guide and private vehicle - flex timetable): + 150 €
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Tour Includes

  • Nature Hiking Guide – Local Expert
  • Tasting of Etna and Sicilian specialties
  • Transfer from our meeting point

Meeting Point

MontataGrande - Etna AgricolTour - Via Dottor Zappalà in Trecastagni. Etna Sud. (30 Min. From Catania). Free internal parking reserved for our guests. Click on the map for directions. On request shuttle service from your accommodation or nearby.

General FAQs

  • What should I bring?

    Trekking shoes are mandatory for this excursion. Also recommended: poles, sunglasses, windproof jacket / sweatshirt, water. If you need it, you can take advantage of our rental where you will find shoes, jackets, sticks and more.

  • What can i rent?

    At our meeting point in Trecastagni, you can rent trekking shoes, insulating jackets, trekking poles and request seats for children up to 3 years. You can book the equipment in the online booking form.

  • In case of bad weather?

    It depends. If the conditions are not prohibitive, i.e. it is cloudy or raining but there is a fair visibility, usually the tours are carried out without any difficulty. In any case, the guide carries out an evaluation based on his experience and if the conditions are not met, he can decide to move or cancel the excursion in agreement with our guests. In case of cancellation due to bad weather, decided between the parties, the reimbursement of any advance membership fees paid is made.


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