Lava Tour excursion is organized when there are active eruptions that can be visited safely. Etna is one of the most active volcanoes in the world, despite this alternating large eruptive phases with more or less long periods of rest, in which the only visible volcanic phenomena are the degassing activities on the top craters. Etna can erupt from the top (terminal eruptions) or from its sides (flank or lateral eruptions). In the case of the first type of eruption, the phenomena are normally more explosive, while in the lateral eruptions the phenomena are usually more effusive and the lava flows can descend on the sides of the volcano even for several kilometers.With our lava tour you will be led to see the lava from the best possible location and if the safety conditions exist it will be possible to approach the lava flow. Since it is not possible to first know the place where the eruptions develop, the proposed itineraries may also undergo daily changes. The itineraries may include medium or high difficulty treks if the eruption is far from the access routes to the volcano, therefore adequate preparation for the chosen solution is required.therefore adequate preparation for the chosen solution is required.therefore adequate preparation for the chosen solution is required.

Tour Program


    At the moment a Strombolian type activity is underway on the summit craters. This type of activity does not pose any danger to populations or tourists as the explosions fall only in the summit area. However, it is not possible to visit this volcanic phenomenon up close as it is forbidden to access the summit areas of civil protection. At the moment the activity is not clearly visible from the slopes. LAVA TOUR NOT ACTIVE!


    In the event of lateral eruptions visible from good panoramic observation points or even with lava fronts that can be visited safely, our guides will accompany you to observe extraordinary volcanic phenomena from the best possible point. Depending on the point of birth and development of the eruption, the tour could take place in jeep + easy trekking or entirely in trekking. Expected duration: max 5 hours in total. 9 / 13.00


    This excursion will be activated according to the safety conditions and therefore where the rash and lava flow develops. Jeep excursions + easy trekking can be organized if the lava flow develops within the Valle del Bove. Normally when this circumstance occurs it is possible to reach a panoramic area and enjoy the show in total safety from a reasonable distance (from a few hundred meters to a couple of km). If, on the other hand, it is possible to reach the lava front by trekking, on other sides of the volcano, we will organize itineraries for good walkers. Normally scheduled time: 17 / 21.00.


    For very expert walkers, once you have assessed the safety conditions, with this type of excursion it will be possible to reach the vicinity of the lava and touch it almost by hand. Good training is also required due to the volcanic soil which could be trodden particularly rough to reach the lava fronts. Normally scheduled time: 8.30 / 17.



  • PeriodOnly in case of active eruptions.
  • TypeAll experiences
  • Departure CityTrecastagni
  • TimingVariable
  • DifficultyMiddle / High
  • AltitudeFrom 1500 to 2700 Mt.
  • Durations 5 hours
  • LanguagesEnglish, French, German, Italian, Spanish


  • Trekking / jeep morning excursion (8.30 / 13.00): € 60.
  • Evening trekking / jeep excursion (17/21): 65€
  • Children 8/14 years: € 45
  • Full day trekking excursion (around 8.30 / 17): € 90.

Tour Includes

  • Nature Hiking Guide – Local Expert
  • Transfer from our meeting point

Meeting Point

MontataGrande - Etna AgricolTour - Via Dottor Zappalà in Trecastagni. Etna Sud. (30 Min. From Catania). Free internal parking reserved for our guests. Click on the map for directions. On request shuttle service from your accommodation or nearby.

General FAQs

  • What should i bring?

    Trekking shoes, packed lunch (not included) and water (at least 2 Lt) are mandatory for this excursion. Also recommended: poles, sunglasses, windproof jacket / sweatshirt. If you need it, you can take advantage of our rental.

  • What can i rent?

    At our meeting point in Trecastagni, you can rent trekking shoes, insulating jackets, trekking poles, backpacks and request seats for children up to 3 years. You can book the equipment in the online booking form.

  • In case of bad weather?

    It depends. If the conditions are not prohibitive, i.e. it is cloudy or raining but there is a fair visibility, usually the tours are carried out without any difficulty. In any case, the guide carries out an evaluation based on his experience and if the conditions are not met, he can decide to move or cancel the excursion in agreement with our guests. In case of cancellation due to bad weather, decided between the parties, the reimbursement of any advance membership fees paid is made.


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Fees may vary based on the type of itinerary and number of participants.

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