The Maremonti excursion aims to make you visit both the volcano and the beautiful Ionian coast and in particular precisely in the places where Etna, about half a million years ago, was born at the Faraglioni of Acitrezza. The tour on Etna includes a visit to the Etna Park in the morning following a route in stages with 4×4 movements and easy trekking to get in touch with the flora and fauna of the volcano. We will let you know and appreciate places of particular natural value of the volcano, declared a UNESCO heritage site in 2013, up to an altitude of about 2000 meters (see the tour program). After a refreshment based on typical local products based on the availability of the day, we will take you to Aci Trezza where, on board of an ancient piscaturi boat, we will visit the Faraglioni di Ulisse nature reserve and Lachea Island, for those who also want for a dip. In case of impassable sea conditions visit the coast and the medieval Castle of Acicastello. This tour is organized from a minimum of 2 people to a maximum of 8 people (2 boats max).

Tour Program

  • The Old lava flows

    The most impressive manifestations of the Etna volcano are the lava flows that descend along the sides of the volcano even for many kilometers. Over the centuries there have been hundreds, some have even reached the sea! On board our 4x4 vehicles we will plow the dark scoriaceous surfaces of ancient and recent lava flows and we will let you touch the transformation of these volcanic rocks from an apparently sterile surface to one of the most fertile in the world.

  • Valle del Bove

    Valle del Bove is a huge natural amphitheater that covers almost the entire eastern side of the volcano. Its walls are up to 800/1000 meters high. Most of the Etna lava flows flow into this "valley", making it a place of raw beauty, so from its edges, a panoramic passage point for many of our excursions on the volcano, it is often possible to admire volcanic activity. We will explain the formation processes of this place and the geological history of the volcano (still evolving ...) object of interest to volcanologists from all over the world.

  • Visit in a lava tube

    Etna is very rich in volcanic caves, over 250 known ones, which were formed due to the thickening of the lava due to the solidification of the outermost layer of the eruptive flow in contact with the air. Once the cooling is complete, the extraordinary morphologies connected to the passage of the fluid and incandescent lava remain visible: remelting stalactites, bubbles, shelves, rolls and more. We will provide you with lights and helmets to visit, going down inside, a fascinating volcanic cave in order to understand some truly unique and interesting dynamics.

  • Lateral crater - 2000 mt

    The lateral craters are cones normally generated along eruptive fractures at even low altitudes, due to the accumulation of volcanic slags in the same point for the duration of the eruption (therefore days / months). Etna has about 250 along its sides and their number is increasing since almost every eruption these cones are formed upstream of the lava flow. They are on average about 100 meters high and from their top you can have a privileged overview of the surrounding area having almost the sensation of flying. We will let you experience the thrill of climbing some of these craters from the relevant altitude of about 2000 meters.

  • Typical Lunch

    The refreshment stop of Etna Maremonti is characterized by local specialties. So do not expect "gourmet" restaurants because we will stop at a characteristic Etna structure (a refuge, a farm or a millstone according to the season) to taste simple and genuine products accompanied, of course, by Etna wine.


    In the afternoon we will take you to Aci Trezza, a seaside village from which it will be possible to visit on board an ancient piscaturi boat, the Lachea Island and the Faraglioni of Ulysses, places of great naturalistic charm, but also for the mythological connotations that have made the area. During the boat tour you can also take a dip in the marine reserve area. In case of impassable sea conditions visit the coast and the medieval Castle of Acicastello.



  • PeriodStandard days Tuesday and Thursday
  • Type4×4 Jeep tour
  • Departure CityTrecastagni
  • Timing9,00 - 17,00 ( meeting point)
  • DifficultyLow
  • AltitudeMax 2000 Mt.
  • Durations 8 hours
  • LanguagesEnglish, French, Italian, Spanish


  • Adult fee: 120 € / person.
  • 3+ adults: € 99 / person.
  • Children 4/13 years: € 75
  • Private tour (Guide and private vehicle - flex timetable): + 100 €


Tour Includes

  • Acitrezza - Faraglioni boat tour
  • Cave visit equipment
  • Nature Hiking Guide – Local Expert
  • Refreshment based on typical products
  • Transfer from the meeting point by jeep

Meeting Point

MontataGrande - Etna AgricolTour - Via Dottor Zappalà in Trecastagni. Etna South. (30 Min. from Catania). Free indoor parking reserved for our guests. Click on the map for directions. On request transfer from the nearest hotel or MP.

General FAQs

  • What should i bring?

    Sneakers or trekking shoes are recommended for this excursion. Also recommended: sunglasses, windproof jacket / sweatshirt, a beach towel and a spare part if you want to swim at Acitrezza.

  • What can i rent?

    At our meeting point in Trecastagni, you can rent trekking shoes, insulating jackets, trekking poles, backpacks and request seats for children up to 3 years. You can book the equipment in the online booking form.

  • In case of bad wheather?

    It depends. If the conditions are not prohibitive, i.e. it is cloudy or raining but there is a fair visibility, usually the tours are carried out without any difficulty. In any case, the guide carries out an evaluation based on his experience and if the conditions are not met, he can decide to move or cancel the excursion in agreement with our guests. In case of cancellation due to bad weather, decided between the parties, the reimbursement of any advance membership fees paid is made.

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